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I strongly believe that categorizing oneself is degrading and shouldn't be done unless legal forms require one to do so. But in this case, I will place some categories of which I feel I would fit in and which would apply to me.

Student, worker, female, daughter, sister, animal lover, reader, writer, photographer, friend, dancer, fitness fanatic, aspiring vegetarian, lazy, fun, sarcastic, observant, mature beyond my years.

I have always been a reader and have been writing for 7 years. My goal at the end of my life is to have sculpted who I am and what my life will be into something worthy of saying, Hey - Look what I have done. I am a very motivated and motivating person and I thrive on people leaving my presence feeling better about themselves. Everyday I look for a way to increase my knowledge, create something better for the world and make a change in at least one persons life. I am an animal lover and I am attempting to convert to Vegetarianism. Please take a moment to have a look through the PETA website if you have the time. It will really shock you to find out some of the things that we willingly spend money on. 

At the end of this year, I hope to finish my business course that I have decided to take with at least 80%. I am aiming higher than that but I will be satisfied with anything above 80%. I was an A student until Grade 9 of  High School and when I moved schools, I also was awarded with 6 awards in two years. To me, that is pretty amazing seeming as I never got any awards before that. I also want to achieve many things and also start ticking off things on my Bucket List which I will share with you at one stage.

My best friend is my German Shepard Kofi (pronounced like Coffee) and my child is my Cockatoo Ami Jane. They are my world. I am also a mommy's girl and would not know what to do without my mom. She is an amazing woman that had pushed me to be the best and everyday she is a living legend. She is my rock and my meaning. Without her, my life would be pointless. 

I hope that I haven't bored you to the point of no return. If you would like to contact me, please email me at jessicamg2109@gmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 

Without Wax

Jessie Jay

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